Friday, November 09, 2007

Nerd Alert

How nerdy can one person be?

I'm glad you asked!

You have undoubtedly heard of the Book of the Month Club, or the Wine of the Month Club.

Well, I am a proud member of the Pencil of the Month Club, and I paid up for the limited edition version as well. Trust me, it doesn't get any nerdier than that!

Every month I receive three or so pencils of various kinds. Some are novelty pencils. maybe a pencil from China made of recycled newspapers scented with pineapple. Or an orange Rhodia pencil. Or a triangular Mongol or a big fat red Mongol for kids. A pencil with the multiplication tables on it, or a California Republic Palamino, my favorite of them all.

I got a pencil holder with a magnet on it shaped like a musical note and two really cool pencil sharpeners.

The pencils are really fun, but I think what I like best is just knowing that something is coming for me in the mail and it will be a surprise.

You can be a pencil nerd too! Just go to

Then you'll have at least one thing to look forward to every month!

It's the little things that keep us going!

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