Friday, November 30, 2007

Fortune Telling

Gail and I went to Thailand three or four years ago. We went there because we knew that she would probably be on dialysis at some point, and we wanted to visit some of the harder places before that happened.

On one of our last days there, we were at a Buddhist temple (Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep), and you could crawl on your knees to get a wooden stick with a number on it that would tell you your fortune. Gail declined the offer, but I shook up the little wooden container and chose my well-worn stick. I have had it posted on my wall at work since we got home. It says:

"Getting the last number, it's indicating the prosperity and dignity. You will be happy for ever and ever. Asking about your lover and legal case, please be confident that everything just goes better. You always be supported by benefactors."

Not that I believe in fortunes, but this one I think I'll go with. I am happy and my life is full of joy. I don't think I'll ever ask for another fortune, because this one works for me!

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