Thursday, September 04, 2008

And now...

Gail and I went to the first rehearsal of Symphonic Chorus last night. It was great to see everybody again. The group is going to perform the Messiah in Dublin in June, so we will be learning it all year. I won't be able to go to Ireland because of budget hearings, but it is fun to sing anyway.

Gail is doing great. All her numbers look good (except her white blood count is very low...) and she is feeling good. She is planning to go back to work half time next week. That will be a major change for her and the puppies (who are almost two!). Part of our plan is to get them some new bark collars so they won't disturb Marlene and Bert while Gail is out of the house. They have gotten better, but they still bark a lot. Herding dogs do that, I guess.

I am stunned by McCain's choice of Sarah Phelan as VP. If she were a man, it would be a joke. As it is, it is really frightening. And the wildly enthusiastic response at the Republican convention last night is even more frightening. If I were a Republican woman, I would be so offended by that choice. That's the best woman they can find???