Monday, November 19, 2007


Friday afternoon, I got a call from one of the wonderful women who work with Gail, which is always alarming.

Luckily, it was nothing serious. She and Gail had been at the Farmer's Market, and she had stepped into the bank for a minute. She told me, "Gail was standing up when I left her!" When she came back, Gail was bleeding profusely from her face. She had tripped on a little step and fallen face first to the pavement.

She really skinned up her face from her nose to her lip on the right side. Kind of looks like she is wearing half of a Charlie Chaplain mustache. She also has small scrapes at various places on her nose. It's really visible, poor thing. And it hurts.

And of course, this weekend, she had dialysis, went to a big birthday dinner with lots of people SAturday night, went to an Ensemble Monterey concert in Monterey, sang on the first row in church for a performance of the Handel Te Deum, went to San Francisco for the opera, and had dinner on the way home in Half Moon Bay. So it's not like she could hide in the house till she looked more presentable.

But she remained the trooper she is, and gamely went through her weekend, answering the inevitable questions.

I don't think the fall had anything to do with her other stuff. Doesn't appear to be related to diabetes or dialysis. She just tripped.

A reminder that life isn't fair. If life were even remotely tending towards slightly more fair, I would have fallen instead of her. Which I would gladly have done...

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