Thursday, November 29, 2007

Blood pressure

Gail gets dialysis at a center that is close to our house, so I have felt OK about letting her drive herself home when I can't pick her up because of rehearsal. But I like to pick her up when I can, mainly as a way of showing her I love her.

Usually she drops me off on her way to work, and I get someone to drop me off at the dialysis center after work. That way I can drive her car home. This Tuesday we didn't get it together, so I had my car at work. When the day was done, I left my car at work and got a ride to dialysis. She was very surprised to see me there, but I think she was glad for the company.

When she is finished with the dialysis, they always take her standing blood pressure one more time to be sure she is OK to go. It is supposed to be at least 100 for her to be released.

This time we couldn't get her blood pressure up. It started out in around 70 over 40, then moved up into the low 80s. She walked around, she drank some water, we mentioned George Bush. Nothing worked. Finally, at 84 over whatever, they let her go because she was asymptomatic. I'm not sure they would have let her go, or should have let her go, with that blood pressure if she were driving herself. She felt fine and probably would have been OK to drive, but I was really glad I was there anyway. It was just easier and safer for me to drive her.

When I can, I bring her a little sandwich or something to eat in the car after dialysis. She is often very hungry then, and she sits there and very methodically eats while I drive her home. If I don't have something in the car for her, by the time we get home she isn't hungry anymore.

It's amazing what you can incorporate into your life...

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