Thursday, April 10, 2008

Jiggity Jig!

The docs came in said that they didn't get enough tissue from the pancreas biopsy to rule out rejection. But her temps have been normal for 36 hours and all her blood work is "perfect." So they are discharging her this afternoon and we are fine with that.

We are going to be more careful about not tiring her out and screening people for colds. The docs said that we should avoid people with flu or diarrhea (duh!). They also said to avoid babies because they never wash their hands. They didn't think masks were necessary unless we are hanging around people with TB.

So I think we are heading home to take up our lives again.

I asked Gail how many nights she thought we have been home since the surgery, and she said 3, which is exactly what I would have said. But we were home for nine nights! It seems like we have hardly been home at all.

It's gonna be great!

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