Monday, April 07, 2008

April 8

All the test results have come in (including the CMV) and they are all negative. So we know lots of things that are NOT causing her elevated temperatures but not what IS.

So she will have a pancreas biopsy tomorrow with ultrasound. If they can get the tissue they want, they will be able to tell if there are any early signs of rejection. If they do find indications of rejection, she'll stay here for a few more days while they give her prednisone.

But we don't think that they will find any rejection. We think that the biopsy will turn out fine and they will send us home on Thursday without ever knowing what is causing the fevers. The doc said that sometimes people with pancreas transplants have unexplained fevers during the first month. And I think that is what we will end up with.

We have been playing Scrabble. How would you like to play with someone who plays VIZIER one day and ZEALOUS the next? I keep thinking that her medical situation will give me an edge in Scrabble, but no such luck.

It got so bad today that I went to a yarn store and bought some yarn and needles. Gail started knitting lessons and I am working on a nice simple washcloth. Now, that's scary!

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komara said...

Oh boy, now you can knit me a sweater, Dinah - c'mon, what the hold-up??
Yeah knitting it really difficult. Glad you are doing ok. Teddy sez Cranium is a good game, if you get over Scrabble. There are some games on Facebook if you want to do that deal. It's pretty fun - Crista and Nelson and Shelly Doolittle are on there so we yak all the time.
Hang in there girfriends! God is driving the bus and his license is valid.