Thursday, April 03, 2008

Back in the ER

I think everything is going to be OK, but it is a little scary.

Gail called me out of rehearsal and told me she was in trouble and needed help. She had gotten chilled and checked her temperature. It got as high as 102.2. She called UCSF and they said to bring her into the Emergency Room.

So we've been here almost 5 hours. Her temp is normal now and her blood work looks OK. They did an ultra sound of her organs and they looked fine.

So I think they are just going to keep her overnight for observation. Hopefully they won't send us to UCSF.

She's sleeping now. I hope they have all her meds for tonight...

I hope we are able to figure out why her temp spiked. All I can think of is maybe she didn't stay hydrated enough. But I don't know if that can cause a temp to spike.

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