Thursday, July 26, 2007


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I think it is just time for another puppy picture. They are doing so great! They are really growing up. I am working with them on various tricks. They already know how to shake hands. Very cute.

I am working with Tichka on "Little Bark." I waggle my fingers at him and he gets a treat if he doesn't bark, but whines or makes a little cough. It's pretty cute. I am also working with him on roll-over.

I am working with Tizi on roll over and play dead. She is very smart and is getting the idea. I know we would make faster progress if I could work with her without Tichka insisting on being present!

Tichka is funny. He is much more manic than Tizi is. He will look at me in desperation trying to figure out how to get a treat. He'll fling himself into a down, thrust his paw at me, bark; anything to MAKE me give him a treat NOW!!

We are working on impulse control with him.

They are so wonderful.

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