Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Shift Happens

All the insurance issues are worked out, so now we are just waiting again for the call. I told Gail that I was surprised they hadn't called yet this morning. See, they called us the day after Thanksgiving, so I figure they will call us the day after Christmas this time. So, any minute now.

We sang for two services on Christmas Eve. At the second one, Dave preached such a wonderful sermon; I was in tears through the whole thing. I think the stress and fear is getting to me a little. People are so sweet and solicitous about me, and I always assure them that I am doing fine. I tell them that my worst day is still better than the best day Gail has on dialysis.

But there are occasional moments when I can put my shield down for a few minutes and actually feel how scared I am. It says a lot about FCC that I feel safe enough there to allow those feelings to come up.

Later that night, about 3:30, Gail woke up having a bad insulin reaction. She wasn't doing very well, so I got up and got her testing kit. By the time I got her tested, her blood sugar level was 56 or 59, which isn't too bad. But she was pretty out of it.

Then Tizzie, who was sleeping in her crate, started whimpering to go outside. I took her downstairs and she RAN outside to do her business. When she came back in, she didn't want to go back in the crate, and I realized she'd had an accident in there. Clearly the result of the big delicious barbeque beef ribs the pups had enjoyed earlier in the day. She continued to have effluence from both ends of her alimentary canal for the next hour or so. As a result, I was awake from about 3:30 until about 6:00.

After we dragged ourselves up in the morning, Gail and I took the pups to Lighthouse Field to drain some energy off them before we opened presents. Tizzie had another accident in the car (thank goodness for the hammock we put back there for them to ride in!). We pulled over to the side of the road and were trying to clean up the worst of it. A woman was walking by, and she suddenly greeted us, and it was our friend Laurie whom we haven't seen in years, and whom we have been trying to get together with! If Tizzie hadn't had her little problem, we wouldn't have seen Laurie at all! It was just great to see her!

It just goes to show; even the shittiest situations can have a wonderful result!

May all your shitty situations turn out wonderful in 2008!!

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