Monday, July 11, 2005


On July 3, 2005, the leaders of the United Church of Christ voted 80% in favor of supporting marriage equality. On July 7, 2005, four bombs went off in London, killing 52 people at last count. On July 9, a fire was started and anti-gay grafitti was found in a Middlebrook, Virginia UCC church.

The two events are not equal in impact or in horror. The fire at the church was quickly extinguished, and no one was killed. But nonetheless, the motives were the same. To terrorize innocent people into not standing up for what they believe in. My heart goes out to the members of the Middlebrook church. I don't know if their church was actively involved in marriage equality, or even how their representatives voted on the issue. But they are suffering on my behalf, and I appreciate it.

A Londoner set up a website called as a way to show the world that terrorist would not change the way people lead their lives. It is a very moving site.

I stand with the Londoners and with church in Middlebrook.

We're not afraid.

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