Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Dryer

Our old clothes dryer that we bought at a garage sale 20 years ago has finally started wheezing instead of drying. Time to replace it! We stop in Sears and choose a nice gas dryer to be delivered today.

At home, Robin is puzzled about our choice. He doesn't remember seeing a gas line in the laundry room. We dismissively assure him that it is a gas dryer; nobody in Santa Cruz would ever have an electric dryer because they are so expensive.

He considers our firm and unequivocable response and doesn't say anything else, because his mama didn't raise no fool.

Today the new dryer is delivered, and the set-up guy points out that we do not have a gas line in the laundry room.

Gail and I are baffled; Robin is galantly trying to control his snarky smirks.

And I call Sears to request a replacement dryer of the electric persuasion, to be delivered in a day or two.

It is simply amazing to me how two ostensibly intelligent people can so firmly believe something to be true in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

There's probably a lesson in this somewhere, but who has time to think about it?

I need to go read some information proving that gay marriage will be the end of civilization.

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