Friday, October 05, 2007


I am tired. I am tired of Gail being on dialysis. I am tired of waiting for the call from the transplant center. I am tired of constantly having to plan around dialysis and needing to be close to San Francisco.

We called the transplant coordinator, who is very nice on the phone. He told us, again, that she is at the top of the list and the call could come any day.

They have been saying that for ten months.

We understand that it is a matter of when appropriate organs become available, and that there is nothing anyone can do about making it happen sooner. But it is still hard.

I keep a suitcase in the car with several days clothes to wear in San Francisco when she gets called. Soon I am going to have to remove the warm weather clothing and replace it with cold weather clothes. A sad way to mark the changing of the seasons.

If we haven't had the call by December 13th, it will have been a year. That will be a disturbing anniversary. I better plan something wonderful to do with her.

On the other hand, Gail's health is good, her blood tests are good, the puppies are good, and we are happy. So don't get the idea that things are morose around here. All we have to do is play with the pups for a while, and everything is better! (but I'm still tired).


K.G. Schneider said...

Come stay with us in Florida! *No helmet laws...*

Dinah said...

What a GREAT idea!! Maybe you and Sandy could bring us a couple of spare Florida organs when you come visit!