Saturday, September 01, 2007

Oh, that's what it was...

After noticing Gail's odd behavior last weekend, I talked to her about it on Sunday. She hadn't noticed it, but could recognize it when I brought it up. We talked to her nephrologist about it on Thursday, who confirmed that one of the drugs Gail had been shown to interact with anti-depressants. She was prescribed this drug, Regelin, because her stomach wasn't emptying itself of food properly, which was causing her to be nauseated and to throw up with a distressing frequency.

Thursday night, Gail didn't take the Regelin. She slept well, didn't feel nauseated or throw up, and in the morning she was completely transformed. She said it felt like the sun had come up. I could tell just by the sound of her voice that she was back! She was happy all day, and has been all day today.

I, of course, am now worried about what will happen with her stomach if she doesn't take the Regelin, but we will just have to figure it out. It is a relief to at least know what was causing her to feel so bad.

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