Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Gail and I went to see her nephrologist yesterday. Her creatinine is now up to 3.5. It was 3.2 a month ago.

(Normal is .8 to 1.4, according to some website).

Her kidney doctor keeps asking her if she is still working full time. I have talked with her about maybe cutting back five hours a week, and she is sort of interested in it. But I think her job is really important to her sense of self, and I don't think she'll willingly cut back on it until she has to.

Sometimes I think I am more tired than she is...

Gail and I agreed last night that it looks like things are going really well. Getting on the transplant list four years ago was the best thing we could have done. And contacting the Transplant Center a couple of months ago was really good.
We are taking two gambles. One is not to have the fistula installed for dialysis, with the gamble that she can get the transplant before her kidney's get too bad. And the other is not to have the angiogram. That one I'm not as worried about. I don't think she has any heart disease that they wouldn't have detected by now (there is no reason for me to be so sure of that, but there it is). I am more worried about the dialysis...

She got her packet of material from the Transplant Center yesterday. It said we should plan to be at UCSF within 4 hours of when we are called. That is shorter than I thought, so we are thinking harder about how available we are by phone etc.

There was no binder...just a folder with papers in it. I'll have to go get us another binder! That at least will be fun.

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