Sunday, May 08, 2005

FCC Blessing Ceremony

Tom and Larry 3
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On May 8, 2005, First Congregational Church hosted their second annual LGBT Blessing Ceremony. This is an open and affirming church that walks the walk. Six religious leaders from a variety of faiths came together to offer their blessings on gay men and lesbians and their families.

The choir sang, the church's jazz quintet played and sang. The happy couples each spoke a little about themselves and introduced their families. They have been together for two years, or thirteen years, or twenty-two years. Some have children, some have dogs and cats. All of them were in love, and were deeply touched by the event. These families stood together before God and their community, and their love was joyously celebrated.

You never know how much you hunger for something until it is offered to you.

It was a wonderful afternoon, filled with love and support, followed by a great party!

For more pictures, click on the captian below the photo of Tom and Larry.

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